What do you get when you mix dead,
newly made and rogue, wanna-be monarchs?
A seaside mess if you’re a siren in Griffins Bay.

Breakwater, the second in the Mer Chronicles paranormal series, is now available.

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After Updrift


Updrift has a sequel drafted as well as a mostly drafted third book. Mostly. Here’s a little about Breakwater and Outrush:

Wanna-be sea monarch Duncan Fleming is building a power base inland in Breakwater, one he’ll use to blackmail the under-qualified siren queen who just displaced him. All of which is bluff and bluster for Simon Blake, but he’ll take the distraction; he’s lost for Sylvia Wilkes and needs to throw off the overseers holding him back. While everyone else is off chasing Duncan, Simon will lure his girl away – to the literal ends of the earth and also, he hopes, into his heart.

Sylvia was lost in her own musings and believed she was alone. Consequently she talked to herself and even sang, something she would never have done if she knew anyone could hear. Soley lay at her feet and rolled onto his back hopefully. “Look at you, scruffy old man,” she said as she scratched his tummy. She stopped to dig in her pocket. “And here, I brought you part of an egg sandwich. Don’t tell on me for feeding you scraps.” Soley thumped his tail as he bolted Sylvia’s offering, then pawed her leg in a shameless bid for more scratching. “Such a big, bad guard dog you are,” Sylvia teased as she complied. “Pfft. I’ll end up protecting you on our walks.”

Simon smiled, in response to her bantering and to her particular exuberance, which he apprehended even at a distance. He felt the stirrings of fascination within him as he continued to watch her interplay with the dog. A tickle of premonition like a waft of perfume settled over his senses. He inclined his body forward.

Her pull was intensifying, until he felt he had to see her at closer range, to talk with her and feel her responses directly, not just observe them. He even stuttered forward two steps, and then he knew he was losing control. This made him angry, the idea he might mindlessly fall under a stranger’s spell and concede the next two hundred years of his life to her. He stopped, drew a breath through his nose to steady himself. With effort, he withdrew further into the shadows as Sylvia attached Soley’s leash and exited through the gate.

shell_turqGiven the subversive antics of her socialite husband – and her father-in-law’s possible interest in having her killed – Maya’s rash marriage is doomed in Outrush. And while Aiden Blake hopes he can finally win her himself, he’ll have to elude siren oversight, find Maya’s hiding place, and navigate a dangerous web of deceptions to gain the future they both want.

“It’s just that you remind me of someone,” she blurted out after a lengthy, uncomfortable pause. And he did. Something about his eyes, and a sheen of vitality she associated with a family she used to socialize with back in North Carolina, the Blakes. The likeness was superficial, but it made her horribly homesick, and, if possible, even sadder over her empty, soul-sucking marriage.

Maya realized everyone was waiting for her to explain her strange greeting, or maybe they just hoped she could resolve the awkwardness she’d created. Sweat bloomed on her forehead, and she became aware of the shallow, insufficient breaths she took, which she worried were too loud. She felt unanchored and bizarre and very much hoped she didn’t look it. She checked Mitch’s expression, which did not encourage her.

Her lack of composure was obvious, and worse, she felt naked and flayed under his regard, which she quickly turned away from. It was like he’d put a spotlight on her most private fears, ones she preferred to pretend she didn’t have and most definitely wanted to keep hidden.

Her marriage was disappointing and wasn’t likely to improve. Her career, as absorbing as it was, was no more than a convenient place to hide. And if she couldn’t achieve happiness with an M.D. under her belt and married to a beautiful, wealthy man, something was very, very wrong with her.

And there it was, dang it, the path to the ultimate no-no of all her memories, Aiden. It was Mitch’s fault for bringing him to mind, she decided, since he looked at her in the same penetrating way and exhibited the same physical markers. Aiden symbolized all her missteps at this point in time, his name synonymous with the more unpleasant consequences of her running away – from him and North Carolina and all the possibly destructive super-secrets he wore like a cloying aftershave. With just a glance in Mitch’s direction, Maya saw starkly the unhappiness of her future as Mrs. Evans, understood too well what she didn’t and never would have with Stu.




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