Alien possession.

So, I found a scriptwriter from my earlier post, “Coming Soon?,” and thanks to all who called to voice their enthusiasm for that project! I may even have roped in a producer…

Anyway, in chatting with John (yes, the Johnny Cal, and I absolutely feel like I’m talking to a Mario Puzo character when I’m with him) said he’s been thinking about my role in this production and how we should represent me when he’s talking with potential associates. I’ve had no ideas on this front – I’m just introducing him to folks I know and am gratified to see someone chasing such a cool dream. I’m not really doing much, but he assures me I’m needed and, consequently, has decided to call me his dramaturg. !!!

And here I thought Captain Kirk had killed all those off. ¬†Apparently not. ¬†I’d better go look up what that is.