One hundred words.

A list of words inspired by the upcoming election.  Nonsense, you say?  But of course!

Faceted impresario crabwalk pinioned somnolent barbed invective tendentious imprecations apocalypse today inveigle mentation pecanct contrivance billious blather crinkling constrictive miserly mendicant constabulary bellicose truculent pickle vitriolic valor scurrilous spurious querulous garrulous proscribed sanguine seduce anguissette electorate xenophobes matriculate herding-cats-let’s-start-a-ranch a notre sante banked ObamaCare ObamaChair inferred empathetic salvation invoke resonant egalomania calligraphic misanthropic dystopians unite! avuncular pedantic disillusionment malaise beseech cavernous malarky commitments still in Ohio  insubstantiate supercilious punctilious avaricious kingmakers eat cake omniscient statistics blustery sycophant victimization mellifluous savoir faire is everywhere misinterpret misapply location, location, location predictive research prescriptive cure-all urgent horizon imminence and above all hope.  Really?

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