An author colleague, Allie Ritch, is collecting a series of one-liners from various characters across the romance genre for a compendium she’ll curate and showcase sometime this fall on her site. I had fun combing through my stuff to come up with a few and thought I’d share a few:

“Desperation gets the girl – is that right?” Gabe Blake in Updrift

“Wow. It really was an orgy.” Maya Wilkes in Updrift

“The first time I saw this scene… well, it was so sweetly erotic, I couldn’t sleep for three days.” Kate Blake in Breakwater

“Ha. I can’t wait until you’re the most pregnant thing on the planet. I’ll be there to push you right off the Cliff of Indulgence and that’s a promise.” Kate Blake in Breakwater

“People don’t belong in oceans. That’s why God invented swimming pools.” Maya Wilkes-Evans in Outrush

(Updrift was published Nov. 2015; Breakwater debuts Nov. 2016; and I’m still drafting/refining Outrush.)